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Travel information

Travel to Aveiro

Aveiro is located 90km from the Porto Airport (Oporto) and 250km from Lisbon Airport.

Flying to Portugal

The closest to Aveiro airport is Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport in Porto, located 90kms to the north. Portela International Airport in Lisbon is located 250kms to the south of Aveiro. For more information on portuguese airports click here and choose your airport.

From Porto to Aveiro

From Porto to Aveiro by train

If you decide to travel from Porto to Aveiro by train you can follow this steps: (1) use the Metro timetables, Violet (E) Line, which has a terminal at the airport; a trip from the airport to the railway station take about 32 minutes. (2) Then take the train in "Porto Campanhã" train station to Aveiro. Usually one can take the train also in "Porto São Bento" (historical city center). The train journey to Aveiro takes between 40 minutes if you take the "Alfa Pendular" train and "Intercidades" and one hour if you take a "regional train". A single ticket may cost around 4€ to 20€, depending on the type of train used. Click here for train timetables to Aveiro.

Aveiro railway station is located in the centre of the city and about 20 minutes walking distance, or 5-minute taxi ride, to the conference venue.

From Porto to Aveiro by car

At the airport there are various car hire agencies. Follow the signs for the A1 highway in the direction of Lisbon (there is a toll charge of around 4€, and can be paid in cash or with a credit/debit card). Leave the A1 at the exit for Aveiro and take the A25.
Importante note on payments
Some routes, like A25 and A29 (from Aveiro to Porto), have special payment methods. Please consider reading this: Portugal Tolls. You can see directions here.

From Lisbon to Aveiro by car

There are various car-hire agencies at the airport. From the airport, follow the signs for the A1 highway in the direction of Porto. Leave the highway at "Aveiro-Sul/Águeda" (exit 15) and take the EN235 directly to the city centre. The toll charge for use of the highway is around 15€ and can be paid in cash or with a debit card. You can check map here.